Review: Epson T060 Ink Cartridge Cracked Open

A Look Inside The Epson T060 Series Inkjet Cartridge:


The T060420 Yellow Ink Cartridge Contains 15ml of ink.

Contains 17ml Of Ink:

Since Epson does not publish the amount of ink their cartridges contain, we took a syringe to this cartridge and discovered it holds a hefty 17ml of ink – it looks almost identical to the T048 series inkjet cartridges.  Compatible “copies” of this cartridge (when they were available) contained the same amount of ink.

T060420 Inside:

T060420 cracked open.  Not much room for ink with all the plastic dividers.

T060420 cracked open. Click the image for a larger view.

What you see above is the inside of an Epson T060420 inkjet cartridge.  The T060 series of cartridges consists of a black T060120, cyan T060220, magenta T060320, and yellow T060420, which are all the same size and shape.

The spring in this cartridge holds the ink in the chambers, and is compressed when the cartridge installed in the printer.  We are still not clear on how the ink-flow is effected by the compression of the spring.  This cartridge series is used in the following Epson inkjet printers:

Epson Stylus C68, C88, C88 Plus, CX3800, CX3810, CX4200, CX4800, CX5800f, and the CX7800.

At Least Its Refillable:

You can still purchase remanufactured cartridges for these printers (professionally refilled), or you can try and refill yourself (good luck).  What is not pictured here is the process to remove the back cover (easy), and our attempt to get the black tape off the thin plastic film holding in the ink (hard to impossible, and not necessary for refilling).  This went horribly and we got ink all over the place, which is why the cartridge pictured is covered in yellow ink.  There is no need to remove the cover or black plastic tape now that you can see where to drill holes to refill.  We are not big fans of refilling cartridges as remanufactured cartridges can be had for as little as $4.00 each. Refilling is a pain, and finding quality replacement ink in quantities less than 5 gallons is not easy.

Compare this cartridge to the “new” Epson inkjet cartridges here:

And the “older” T048 series cartridges:


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