New: HP 920 Cartridge CI System (CIS, CISS)

Will work in the HP Officejet 6000, 6500, or 7000

CI system for HP Officejet 6000, 6500, 7000 has arrived and we are about to try it out in an HP Officejet 6500 inkjet printer.  System has 4 individual ink cartridges, and ink is supplied via the external tanks, via a set of tubes.  Very efficient.

HP 920 Series CIS, CISS, Bulk Ink system, Officejet 6000, Officejet 6500, Officejet 7000

HP 920 Series CIS, CISS, Bulk Ink system - for HP Officejet 6000, HP Officejet 6500, and HP Officejet 7000

The ever shrinking ink cartridge:

Cartridges for these printers are very small, and contain a very low amount of ink.  A continuous inking system for the Officejet 6000, 6500, or 7000 results in a very low cost per printed page.  If you are tired of getting ripped on inkjet cartridges, this could be a real solution.  System includes a set of HP brand cartridges – as there is a chip on the individual cartridges that monitors page counts.  Once the chip registers full, the chip has to be reset.

HP 920XL 920 cartridge close-up:

HP 920 Series Ink Cartridges CIS, CISS, Bulk Ink System, CIS System

Cartridges are fed ink via a set of tubes. Ink sits outside the printer.

Cartridges go in – Ink sits outside.

HP 920 Series Inkjet Printer Cartridges Next To A CIS SYSTEM


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