Review: Inside The HP 22 C9352A Ink Cartridge (Cracked Open)

A Look Inside The HP 22 Tri-Color Ink Cartridge

We cracked it open and looked around.

HP 22 Color Ink Cartridge (Retail Price):

HP Hewlett Packard 22 c9352a tri-color color ink cartridge cracked open - retail price

Inside the HP 22 c9352a ink cartridge:

We tried a different bit with this cartridge, and it got pretty mangled – lid is a little easier to get off than the condition of the cartridge indicates.

HP Hewlett Packard 22 tri-color color ink cartridge with lid off removed c9352a sponge

Hewlett Packard HP 22 c9352a color ink cartridge removing the top of the cartridge.


*that 220 page estimate is from HP and based on 5% coverage (see what 5% coverage looks like) – printer manufacturer estimates are not very realistic in our experience.

+often paired with HP tri-color (color) cartridge HP 21 C9351wn

Cartridge specifications here on HP’s website.

Page yield info here  – (had to dig)

Used in these printers:

Cracked open – a look inside the HP 22 c9352a cartridge:

It looks like the HP 22 c9352a tri-color (color)  ink cartridge is completely full, but looks are deceiving in this case.  The HP 22 cartridge contains a measly 5ml of ink and is rated at 165 pages (figure half that).  The (beige) sponges contain the individual color inks (magenta, yellow, cyan) – puncture holes indicate where the cartridge was injected with ink.  Re-fillers should aim for these spots when refilling (see below).

HP Hewlett Packard 22 tri-color color ink cartridge with lid off removed c9352a sponge

The cartridge looks like it will take more ink (it will), but unfortunately the cartridge is programmed as a 22 low capacity cartridge so the cartridge will think it is out of ink at the 22 levels (5ml) of ink.

HP also markets a 22XL cartridge for the Deskjet D1500, and F2200 inkjet printers.  It is a full version of this exact cartridge. HP 22XL Tri-color Inkjet Print Cartridge (C9352C), rated at 415 pages.

Contact! – Contact!

These solder points, or contacts help make up the print head.  Printers that use these types of cartridges do not have an internal print head – rather the print head is located on the cartridges themselves.  If print quality declines to the point where the cartridge is no longer usable, simply try another cartridge (it’s like getting a new printer).  If your cartridge cannot be recognized, give the contacts a quick clean with a damp cloth, or other device and try again.  If the contacts are harmed, the cartridge may not function at all.

HP Hewlett Packard 22 tri-color color ink cartridge with lid off removed c9352a sponge


If refilling this cartridge, here is a picture of the top, with HP 92 sticker removed.  Notice the 4 “phantom” holes.  Refill in top hole – where sponge is located, the other part of the cartridge is empty space.

Refill hole location for HP 22 tri-color ink cartridge

The HP 22 Print Head:

When in use, the print head on the HP 92 cartridge is cleaner.  Many refill attempts are foiled by a dirty or clogged print head.  When refilling cartridges, they should be refilled right before the ink is depleted, or immediately after they run out of ink.  The longer a cartridge sites, the more likely that ink will dry inside the print head and cause clogging.  If your print head becomes clogged, use a wet paper towel and gently clean off the print head surface.

Hewlett Packard print head for cartridge HP 93 c9361wn tri-color cartridges

This photo turned out great - can almost see the holes where the ink exits the cartridge. HP 22 c9352a color (tri-color) ink cartridge.


As you can see from the above pictures, the HP 22 tri-color (color)  inkjet printer cartridge does not contain very much ink.  If printing more than 100 – 200 pages per quarter, it would be wise to avoid printers that use this cartridge.  Hewlett Packard tries to trick their own customers with a deceptively low cartridge price ($19.99) without also mentioning that more than half the cartridge is empty.  This cartridge contains a measly 5ml of ink, and will run out quickly – there are better options out there.  What is sad is that this cartridge could take a bunch more ink, but the electronics doom this cartridge to 5ml of ink performance.

If you are stuck with using this cartridge – look here for the best pricing.


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