Review: Inside The HP 60 Black CC640WN Ink Cartridge (Cracked Open)

A look inside the Hewlett Packard (HP) 60 black ink cartridge – CC640W

Look here for a peek inside the HP 60XL black inkjet print cartridge.

HP 60XL, 60 XL ink cartridge opened to expose the internal structure - removal of cartridge cap - remove top of ink cartridge.

There is not much good about this cartridge.  HP uses words like “value” and “standard” to describe their HP 60 series inkjet cartridges, but the real value is in getting rid of any printer that use these cartridges.  These black and color cartridges are an insult.  There are two different versions of each cartridge, the “standard” or half-full 60 series, and the “full” HP 60 XL series.  The cartridge we have opened here is the HP 60 standard cartridge.

Close-up of the HP 60 black ink cartridge (hewlett packard)

Removing the cover reveals “sponge island”

Apparently HP felt the need to build in an ink containment section inside the HP 60 ink cartridge.  The sponge inside the cartridge is about the size of two sugar-cubes stacked on top of each other.  This cartridge is not even half full of ink!  Up to 80% of this cartridge is air-space.

Cartridge cover comes off the HP 60 inkjet printer cartridge ink to reveal the internal cartridge structure.

This HP 60 ink cartridge is a complete rip-off!

Inside the HP 60 black ink cartridge:

Looks like “sponge island” inside the cartridge.  The HP 60 ink cartridge could take a bunch more ink, however Hewlett Packard (HP) has designed this cartridge to start out about 80% empty – there is no (easy) way to tell the amount of ink in the sponge.  At $15.00 retail for this cartridge, heavy printing can get expensive very quickly.

HP 60 black ink cartridge standard capacity  - or half full ink cart - cover removed to reveal inside the cartridge.

Paying $10.00 to refill this cartridge? Think again. A very small area to refill. This cartridge will only accept about 5ml of ink.


* that 200 page estimate is from HP and based on 5% coverage (see what 5% coverage really looks like) – needless to say, manufacturer estimates are on the “high side.”

This cartridge is often paired with the HP 60 tri-color (color) cartridge which we cracked open here.

For Refillers:

Refilling is easy if you know where to drill.  There are five (5) holes in the cartridge lid, however only one goes into the sponge and ink containment section.  This cartridge is crazy.

HP 60 ink cartridge refill holes, drill baby drill right here in the middle of the HP 60 black ink cartridge.

The print head:

Unlike Epson, which makes the printhead part of the printer, Hewlett Packard (HP) puts the print head technology on the cartridge (for most of their consumer printers).  This means every time you buy a new cartridge, it’s like getting a new printer.  This is why these type of HP printers (that use this cartridge style) last forever in our opinion.  As long as the mechanics of the printer keep working it will last forever since the print head can simply be repalced by installing a new cartridge into the printer.  Not all HP printers and cartridges use this style (print head on the cartridge) of build, but a large majority of the ones you will find at Wal-Mart, Target, and other discount retailers use these cartridges.

Notice the 2D UPC code on the print head ribbon.

HP 60 black - print head close-up

The HP 60, 60XL, XL cartridges will work with the following Deskjet and Photosmart inkjet printers.

Hewlett Packard HP 60 (60XL) Series Ink Cartridges Work In The Following HP Inkjet Printers
Deskjet Series Photosmart Series
DeskJet D1660

Deskjet D2500

Deskjet D2530

Deskjet D2560

Deskjet D2660

Deskjet F42

Deskjet F4200

Deskjet F4210

Deskjet F4230

Deskjet F4235

Deskjet F4240

Deskjet F4250

Deskjet F4272

Deskjet F4273

Deskjet F4274

Deskjet F4275

Deskjet F4280

DeskJet F4283

Deskjet F4288

Deskjet F4292

Deskjet F4293

DeskJet F4480

PhotoSmart C4640

PhotoSmart C4650

PhotoSmart C4680

PhotoSmart C4740

PhotoSmart C4750

PhotoSmart C4780

PhotoSmart C4795

Compared to the HP 60XL Black Inkjet Print Cartridge:

HP 60XL, 60 XL ink cartridge opened to expose the internal structure - removal of cartridge cap - remove top of ink cartridge.

The HP 60 cartridge compared to the HP 60XL black inkjet print cartridge.

Hewlett Packard (HP) 60 ink cartridge page estimates:

Hewlett Packard (HP) 60 ink cartridge specifications:

Hewlett Packard HP 60 Pricing:

HP 60, 60XL, XL ink cartridges.


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